Ten Ways to Grow Your Business Online Presentation

Ten Ways to Grow Your Business Online

We recently hosted another of our Google Partners Events followed up by our now infamous round table discussions. It was a great session and we had a great group of businesses that attended. Several of the attendees as well as many who weren’t able to make it, asked us to post the webinar as well as some of the details.

This session was a little different than many of the others as substantial time was spent on Google my Business which is a free service that allows you to get your business listed on Google Maps as well as within local search results. If you live on the Mainline, we’re hosting an event to help you do just that and you can sign up here: Get Listed with Google.

Google is pushing this hard and I think it’s for two reasons. First, we’re starting to see paid local search results; only some of the time and only when you select see more. Secondly, Google is actively trying to take the place of some of the third party reference sites, like Angie’s List.

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Top Ten Ways to Grow your Business Online

The presentation was led by veteran Google Evangelist Frederick Vallaeys. I’ve included the full video below, but if you just want the summary, here they are.

1. Be found across Google

2. Give customers the right info to connect

3. Connect at the moments that matter

4. Use ad extensions to stand out

5. Build lasting relationships with GMB

6. Be found across the internet

7. Advertise when you need it most

8. Be found for product searches

9. Reconnect with prospects

10. Manage to your targets

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