SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study: Amazing SEO Results for a Home Servicing Business

SEO for Home Servicing Businesses

Sometimes we hear businesses say that they don’t need a website or to worry about SEO if they are the type of business that services clients at the client’s location. This has never been a correct assumption but now it’s even more wrong (please no comments from philosophers).

Businesses that do not have a physical location in which they typically conduct business like many painters, plumbers, landscapers, and home-based businesses need a solid website and SEO presence even more than their brick and mortar counterparts. The website becomes the validating branding feature that this is a legitimate organization that is open for business.

Recent changes at the search engines now enable those types of businesses to get included in Local Search Results even without a customer-facing location. Additional changes are afoot that will change that landscape even further, but we’ll get into that in another blog post.

Everyone Always Wants to Know What Goes Into SEO

There are many, many factors that go into SEO and unfortunately they are constantly changing. When we do a basic technical SEO audit, we check over 100 different on-page factors and we often find A LOT of mistakes.

However, we recently had the opportunity to rebuild one of our marketing client’s sites from scratch with all the SEO configurations done to our specifications from the start.  

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We expected substantial improvement but even we were a little surprised by the results. From the site launch at the end of February, traffic rose 300% just from technical SEO improvements.

But starting in June, traffic really took off – rising every single week at an even greater velocity and is now 1000% improved.

MCG SEO Data: Case Study

So how did we do it?

First, we made sure all the technical SEO of the site was as perfect as we could possibly get it. That meant that we had a proper robots.txt, properly configured title and meta-description tags, mobile optimization, a sitemap, internal linking strategies, etc…

And then – we did some good old fashioned keyword research. Using Google Search Console  – we found out that some people were visiting the site using a search term that we didn’t even have specific copy written for. That means Google was presenting our pages for keywords that weren’t even mentioned on the site. That represented a substantial opportunity.

All this increased traffic came from the addition of a single word integrated properly into existing content. We usually tell our SEO clients that you have to make a lot of small incremental changes to see improved performance, in this case, one of those dozens of changes had a profound effect.

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