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About This Project

Given our experience in the wine industry, we were super excited to be able to bring ‘the courtier’ Moore Brothers’ glossy fine wine companion back to life in digital form. The magazine combines notes from their extensive European travels, tips on food and wine, and some grueling reality of what’s really happening in the wine trade.

If you’re unfamiliar with Moore Brothers Wine Company, then you are in for a treat. They have established personal relationships with small family winemakers that almost never get the attention of large U.S. wine wholesalers. Even better, these wines are some of the very best and purest expressions of their place. Throw in that Moore Brothers has the country’s only vertically-integrated supply chain (i.e. perfect storage of the wines from cellar floor to your table).

Check them out and if you’re local to Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Pennsauken, or Wilmington, sign up for one of their wine tastings.