Hoffman Design Group

About This Project

The team at Hoffman Design Group does amazing work and are definitely one of my favorite clients to visit in person (other than Moore Brothers Wine Company for obvious reasons). Hoffman Design Group crafts unique urban spaces. From interior courtyards to elegant fundraisers, from exterior hardscaping to those enormous holiday displays in well-known buildings in downtown Philadelphia and regional mall; Hoffman Design Group can really do it all. Their office is also a display case and a source of continuous inspiration each time I visit.  

I’m looking forward to setting them loose on the Matson Group offices one of these days. We helped the Hoffman Design Group abandon their old server-based contact management system (yeah – you know the one) and move to a new cloud-based Customer Relationship Management Platform. We designed, implemented, and even cleansed the incoming data. For this client we chose Pipeline Deals (affiliate link) because it’s self-sufficient and Pipeline Deals has amazing support. It’s also the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that we use for ourselves here at Matson Group.