Facebook Targeting like Darts

Facebook Targeting Options

Facebook Targeting Options

With so many websites to build and so many digital marketing plans to craft, it can be next to impossible to keep my own content up to date. “The cobbler’s children …” as they say.

At a recent WordCamp US – I was inspired by a talk by Iron Code Studio founder Sal, who spoke on the benefits of using WordPress to blog (alas!). The point I took away is that WordPress can be an excellent personal repository for little things we’ve all had to figure out when working with WordPress and if it takes you more than 10 minutes to find an adequate answer to something you’re working on, there are likely others struggling with the same thing.

So it’s in this spirit that I’m going to try and redouble my efforts to continue to post resources that are of value to me and I hope others will find them interesting as well.

Why is targeting on Facebook so hard to get right?

So it’s not entirely fair to put all the blame on Facebook. Pretty much every platform suffers from the same problems.

  • Lack of clear definitions of what basic terms really mean
  • Little to no real guidance on how to use the systems – really
  • Fake, incorrect, meaningless metrics
  • Absolutely ZERO support – I mean zero, zilch, nada

Facebook suffers from all four so it can be pretty difficult to ever really get a solid handle on where you’re money’s going and what the true performance has been.

As another example, I was speaking to two friends that work in agency support at Google about a marketing campaign for a niche food brand. One said to use the display network to target people with interests is this exact space and the other immediately chimed in with a resounding NO!. Apparently, that group is very broad and applies to 13% of the population. That’s way too broad of an audience.

Over the course of several articles, I’m going to try and help you discern how to get better performance out of your digital efforts. Step 1 is opening your mind to what sort of targeting is even possible. There are A LOT of options and we’ve leveraged most of them, but when we came across this high level visual guide to all the options available from WordStream, we thought our customers, clients, and followers would love it. Just scan through and save yourself hours of time digging and pondering.

Try and come up with some clever ways you can leverage these techniques to reach your ideal customer. Try to narrow it down to a particular type of customer, with a particular pain point, and then think about how you would talk directly to that person, if you could.

Facebook Targeting Options
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