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Bandar Chips and the Power of Facebook Targeting


Ordinarily, we focus on direct response for our clients. Almost all our campaigns lead directly to sales or new lead acquisition. Since we cut our marketing teeth in start-up land where every dollar spent had to return two – just to keep the lights on, we seldom recommend branding campaigns. It’s not that they don’t work, they’re just hard to measure.

However, this time – the request was necessarily indirect. Could we help Bandar Chips build demand for their products for a test launch with one of the country’s largest chains. We turned to Facebook & Instagram.


How minute we can target as marketers these days is really amazing. We are always coming with clever ways to hit the right people at the right time but even this task seemed daunting.

However, Facebook to the rescue. Facebook can be daunting so check out this handy Facebook targeting options guide to get some ideas about the best way to reach your audience. We were able to target fans and connections of that big box retailer within a targeted radius of just the stores that were carrying the product of household shoppers with an interest in salty snacks. That’s right. Every dollar spent hit an extremely focused group of recipients.

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Unlike Search Engine Marketing, potential customers weren’t searching, most didn’t even know that Naan Chips existed. So we had to get the message out there in a large way, even knowing that the orders would be going to our big box partner and not through the website.

The results were nothing short of amazing. We were able to garner hundreds of thousands of impressions at less than a penny per impression – to an extremely targeted group of potential customers.

What was even more amazing was the engagement rate. Even though the product was entirely new to market over 6 % of those reached engaged with the content: liking, visiting the site, or sharing.

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